Sunda Teal (Anas gibberifrons)

The Sunda Teal bird, also known as the Indonesian Teal, is a beautiful duck species native to the islands of Java, Bali, and Sumatra in Indonesia. Scientifically classified as Anas gibberifrons, these birds are relatively small in size compared to their other duck counterparts, with the males measuring approximately 45-50 centimeters in length and the females slightly smaller at 35-40 centimeters.

The Sunda Teal bird has a distinctive appearance, with the males sporting a mainly brown-colored plumage with a striking green iridescence on their heads and dark green patches present on their wings. The females, on the other hand, have lighter brown plumage with a contrasting buff color on their face and belly, and they feature a white stripe on the sides of their wings.

In terms of habitat, the Sunda Teal bird can be found in wetlands such as swamps, marshes, and rice paddies. They are also known to seek out human-made water sources, such as ponds and canals, as long as they provide the necessary conditions for the birds to thrive.

Sunda Teals are omnivorous in nature, with their diet consisting of insects, snails, and various aquatic vegetation. During breeding season, which typically takes place between June and August, the males will showcase elaborate displays of courtship behavior to attract the females. This involves swimming around the female with their heads lowered and repeatedly whistling and shaking their wings.

Although the Sunda Teal bird is not considered an endangered species, they do face threats from habitat destruction and pollution in their native range. The birds are also hunted for their meat and eggs, posing a risk to their population numbers.

Overall, the Sunda Teal bird is a charming and unique bird species, with its striking appearance and interesting behavior providing an insight into the fascinating world of wildlife in Indonesia.

Other names

Anas gibberifrons



Sunda Teal

xarxet de les Andaman



sundska kržulja

čírka sundská

Grå Krikand

Indische Taling


Sarcelle grise


Alzavola d'Indonesia


pilkoji smailiauodegė antis


cyraneczka szara


Зондский чирок

Sundska krdža

kačica hrbočelá

Cerceta de la Sonda


Alınlı Ördek

чирянка сіра


fehértorkú réce

Itik benjut