Laysan Duck (Anas laysanensis)

The Laysan Duck bird is a rare and endangered species of waterfowl that is only found on the Hawaiian island of Laysan. These small, flightless ducks are known for their distinct physical characteristics, such as their dark brown feathers and striking white eye-ring. The Laysan Duck is a unique bird that plays an important role in the ecosystem of the island.

The Laysan Duck belongs to the genus Anas and is commonly referred to as the Laysan Teal. These birds stay close to the freshwater bodies present on the island and mainly feed on insects, mollusks, and small fish. They also feed on vegetation such as seeds and leaves of grasses. They every day drink around 25% of their body weight in water. Adult ducks can be easily spotted due to their dark brown feathers, blue-green patches on their wings, and their unique white eye-ring.

The Laysan Duck population has faced several challenges that have threatened their existence. In the past, they were hunted by humans for their valuable feathers. Later, habitat destruction caused by human activities and introduced predators such as cats, rats, and mongoose had a significant impact on their population. In the 19th century, the duck population had almost become extinct, with only around 12 ducks remaining.

Fortunately, the Laysan Duck population saw a rebound in the 20th century due to the conservation efforts of various organizations. A small population was transported to other islands which helped establish new colonies and protected their survival. In 2016, the Laysan Duck was removed from the list of endangered species, however it remains highly protected and conservation efforts are still ongoing.

Overall, the Laysan Duck is a unique bird that is essential to the ecosystem of the Hawaiian island of Laysan. Even though their population has seen an increase, there are still many hurdles that need to be overcome to ensure their survival. The Laysan Duck serves as a reminder of the importance of conservation efforts to protect various species and their habitats.

Other names

Anas laysanensis



Laysan Duck

ànec de l'illa Laysan



lajsanska patka

kachna laysanská




Canard de Laysan


Germano di Laysan


laisaninė antis


krzyżówka białooka


Лайсанский чирок

Lajsanska plovka

kačica laysanská

Ánade de Laysán


Laysan Ördeği

крижень лайсанський

laysani sinikael-part

laysani réce