Meller's Duck (Anas melleri)

The Meller's duck, also known as the Madagascar duck, is a unique bird species found only on the island of Madagascar. It is one of the rarest ducks in the world and is currently classified as endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

The Meller's duck is a medium-sized bird that measures approximately 38-43 cm in length and weighs between 750-850 grams. The males and females look similar and have distinctive plumage with a dark brown head, neck and back. They have yellow or white cheeks and a greyish-brown breast. The wings are dark brown with a hint of white on the feathers, while the underparts and tail are black.

These ducks can be found in freshwater wetlands, rivers, and lakes throughout Madagascar. They typically feed on aquatic vegetation, mollusks, insects, and small fish. Meller's ducks are social birds and are often found in small groups or pairs.

Unfortunately, habitat loss and hunting have caused the decline in population of Meller's duck. The destruction of wetland habitats due to deforestation, agriculture and mining practices, and pollution of freshwater resources have put these birds at risk. Additionally, hunting for food or sport has further reduced the numbers of Meller's ducks in the wild.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect and restore the habitats of Meller's duck, and their populations have shown some signs of recovery in recent years. They are also protected under the Wetlands Convention of the Ramsar Convention, which aims to conserve wetland habitats and their associated fauna and flora.

The Meller's duck is a symbol of Madagascar's unique biodiversity and its importance in conservation efforts. To keep these beautiful birds from becoming extinct, conservationists need help in educating people on the importance of conservation, and responsible land use practices that will help to safeguard these precious habitats and ecosystems.

Other names

Anas melleri



Meller's Duck

ànec de Meller



madagaskarska patka

kachna madagaskarská


Mellers Eend


Canard de Meller


Germano di Meller


madagaskarinė antis


kaczka madagaskarska


Мадагаскарская кряква

Melerova plovka

kačica madagaskarská

Ánade malgache


Madagaskar Ördeği

крижень мадагаскарський

malagassi part

madagaszkári réce