Campbell Teal (Anas nesiotis)

The Campbell Teal bird, also known as the "Pāteke" in Maori, is an endangered species of duck found only in New Zealand. With a distinctive green-blue iridescent coloring on its wings, the Campbell Teal is a small, stocky bird that measures between 33-41 cm in length.

The Campbell Teal once thrived in the freshwater wetlands of New Zealand's South Island and Stewart Island, but the introduction of predators such as rats and stoats caused their numbers to decline rapidly. By the early 20th century, the Campbell Teal was on the brink of extinction, with only a handful of individuals remaining.

Conservation efforts in the mid-20th century helped to save the Campbell Teal from extinction. Captive breeding programs were established, and the surviving populations were moved to predator-free islands. Thanks to these efforts, the Campbell Teal has made a remarkable recovery, with numbers now estimated at around 450 individuals.

Despite this success, the Campbell Teal remains at risk. Habitat loss and the introduction of predators still pose a threat to the survival of the species. Additionally, the Campbell Teal is vulnerable to avian diseases carried by domestic poultry, which can affect their health and reproduction.

To protect the Campbell Teal, conservation efforts continue across New Zealand. These efforts include ongoing predator control, habitat restoration, and the continued captive breeding and reintroduction of individuals into the wild. The continued survival of the Campbell Teal is not only important for the bird itself but also for the wider ecosystem of New Zealand's wetlands. As a key indicator of the health of these habitats, the Campbell Teal is a vital part of protecting the biodiversity of this unique island nation.

Other names

Anas nesiotis



Campbell Teal

xarxet de l'illa Campbell



kambelska kržulja

čírka campbellská




Sarcelle de Campbell


Alzavola delle Campbell


Kembelo antis


cyraneczka południowa


Кэмпбельский чирок

Krdža sa ostrva Kampbel

kačica ostrovná

Cerceta de la Campbell


Campbell Patekesi

чирянка острівна

campbelli piilpart