American Black Duck (Anas rubripes)

The American Black Duck, scientifically known as Anas rubripes, is a medium-sized dabbling duck that is native to North America. This bird is usually found in freshwater marshes, ponds, and lakes of eastern North America, including the Atlantic coast and the Great Lakes area.

The American Black Duck is a physically striking bird with a dark grey to black plumage, which is in contrast with its bright yellow bill. The female typically has a mottled brown plumage with darker shades on the upper parts of the body. The duck's eye is dark brown, and its legs and feet are orange.

The American Black Duck is an omnivore and feeds on a variety of plant and animal matter. The bird's diet mainly consists of seeds, roots, insects, mollusks, and aquatic vegetation. These ducks dive into the water to feed on underwater plants, and they also feed on grain fields and other crops.

The American Black Duck is a monogamous bird, and breeding occurs in the spring season. The female builds a nest on the ground, usually in a dry area close to water, and the male fiercely defends the nesting site. The female incubates the eggs for about 28 days, and after hatching, the ducklings will leave the nest within 24 hours and follow their mother to water.

The American Black Duck is an essential part of the ecosystem, as the bird helps control insect and plant populations, spreads seeds, and provides food for predators like foxes, eagles, and hawks. However, their population has declined due to habitat loss, illegal hunting, and hybridization with other duck species.

To conserve the American Black Duck, several measures have been implemented, including the creation of protected habitats, monitoring duck populations, and establishing regulations to limit hunting. Conservation efforts are essential to ensure that the American Black Duck continues to thrive in its natural habitat and contributes to the functioning of the ecosystem.

Other names

Anas rubripes



American Black Duck

ànec negrós



mrka patka

kachna tmavá

Sortbrun And

Amerikaanse Zwarte Eend


Canard noir


Anatra nera americana


tamsioji antis




Американская чёрная кряква

Američka crna plovka

kačica černastá

Ánade sombrío


Esmer Ördek

крижень американський


kormos réce


sarkankāju pīle


temna mlakarica