Pacific Black Duck (Anas superciliosa)

The Pacific Black duck is a species of waterfowl that is found in Australia, New Zealand, and some parts of the Pacific Islands. They are also known as the Anas superciliosa and are commonly found in freshwater habitats such as wetlands, marshes, lakes, and rivers.

Measuring around 50cm in length, these ducks are usually black in color, with a brownish coat and a white stripe running over their eyes. Their sexes are similar looking, but males can often be identified by their slightly larger size. They have a wide range of vocalizations including quacks, barks, and whistles.

They are nomadic birds, often moving to areas where fresh water sources are available. Pacific Black ducks are highly social animals that prefer to live in groups and can be found in groups of up to 100 birds. They are also known for their strong flight abilities, which they use to migrate to different breeding sites and feeding grounds.

Pacific Black ducks are omnivorous, mainly feeding on aquatic plants, seeds, and insects. They are also known to feed on small fish and crustaceans. They forage mainly during the day, and are especially active during the morning and evening.

Breeding usually takes place during autumn and winter in Australia and spring and summer in New Zealand. Pacific Black ducks are monogamous, and pair up for a breeding season. The female constructs a nest made of grasses and leaves, usually near the water, and lays about six to eight eggs in it. After incubating the eggs for around a month, the female Pacific Black duck takes care of the hatchlings until they are old enough to fly.

Although Pacific Black ducks are not considered endangered, their habitat is under threat due to human activities such as deforestation, urbanization, and pollution. It is important to conserve their habitat and monitor their populations to ensure their survival.

Other names

Anas superciliosa



Pacific Black Duck

ànec cellut



prugastolica patka

kachna pruhohlavá




Canard à sourcils


Germano del Pacifico


australinė pilkoji antis


kaczka pacyficzna


Серая кряква

Pacifička crna plovka

kačica pruhohlavá

Ánade cejudo


Pasifik Kara Ördeği

крижень австралійський


szemöldökös réce

Itik alis