Eastern Spot-billed Duck (Anas zonorhyncha)

The Eastern Spot-billed Duck, also known as the Chinese Spot-billed Duck, is a species of bird commonly found in Asia. It is a medium-sized waterbird and gets its name from the yellow spots on its bill. This duck is very similar in appearance to the Mallard but can be distinguished by its rounder head shape and lighter markings.

The Eastern Spot-billed Duck is typically found in freshwater wetlands and rice fields, where it feeds on aquatic plants, seeds, and invertebrates. It is a highly social bird and is known to form large flocks of up to several thousand individuals during the non-breeding season. During breeding season, they pair off and build nests in areas with dense vegetation such as tall grasses or reeds.

The Eastern Spot-billed Duck is a migratory bird and breeds in eastern Asia from northern Japan, Korea, eastern China, and southeastern Russia. It then winters in southern China, Southeast Asia, and the Indian subcontinent. The breeding season varies depending on the location and typically occurs between March and August. The female lays 7-15 eggs in the nest, which are incubated for around 25-28 days until they hatch. The ducklings are precocial, which means they are born with feathers and can walk and swim shortly after hatching.

This bird faces several threats in the wild, including habitat loss and hunting. Wetland drainage and conversion to agricultural land are major threats to its habitat, and pesticide use in rice fields can also negatively impact their populations. They are also hunted for their meat and eggs, which are considered a delicacy in some parts of Asia.

Conservation efforts are underway to protect the Eastern Spot-billed Duck, including the conservation and restoration of wetlands and the establishment of protected areas. This duck species is an important part of the ecosystem in Asian wetlands and is also used for decorative purposes in traditional Chinese and Korean artwork.

In conclusion, the Eastern Spot-billed Duck is a fascinating bird found in Asia. Its unique appearance, social behavior, and migratory habits make it a fascinating study subject for bird enthusiasts and researchers. Efforts must be taken to ensure the conservation and protection of this species for future generations to observe and enjoy.

Other names

Anas zonorhyncha



Eastern Spot-billed Duck

ànec becpintat de la Xina



kineska patka

kachna čínská

Kinesisk Pletnæbbet And

Chinese Vlekbekeend


Canard de Chine


Germano beccomacchiato orientale



kaczka chińska


Чёрная кряква

Istočna plovka pegavog kljuna

kačica čínska

Ánade picopinto chino

östlig fläcknäbband

Çin Benekgagası

крижень китайський

hiina laiknokk-part