Greylag Goose (Anser anser)

The Greylag Goose is a species of bird belonging to the Anatidae family. They are the ancestor of domesticated geese, and they are also considered the largest bird within the group of waterfowl including swans and geese. The Greylag Goose is native to Europe and Asia and is had adapted well to living near human populations.

The adult Greylag Goose is approximately 72-90 cm in length and has a wingspan of approximately 140-165cm, making them quite large birds. They have a distinctive grey-brown plumage with a white belly and black markings on their necks and wings. Their bills and legs have a pinkish-orange color, and their eyes are bright and intelligent. Males can weigh up to 4.1kg while females can weight up to 3.6kg.

The Greylag Goose primarily feeds on grass, grain, and aquatic plants. They often graze in fields and meadows near water bodies, and their feeding habits play a crucial role in shaping the vegetation structure of wetland areas. They are migratory birds and travel long distances to breed and feed, often in large flocks of hundreds to thousands of individuals.

In terms of breeding, the Greylag Goose forms strongly bonded pairs that mate for life. Breeding occurs between February and June, with the female laying between two and six eggs which will hatch in approximately 28-30 days. The goslings are born fluffy and brown, and within a few weeks, they learn to forage on their own, although they will stay with their parents for several months.

Unfortunately, the Greylag Goose population has decreased in the past due to hunting and habitat loss. However, with conservation efforts, their population has increased, and they are now protected. The Greylag Goose is a beautiful bird known for its intelligence, mate loyalty, and adaptability to various environments. It is a majestic bird that has captured the hearts of many bird enthusiasts and birders around the world.

Other names

Anser anser



Greylag Goose

oca comuna



siva guska

husa velká


Grauwe Gans


Oie cendrée


Oca selvatica


pilkoji žąsis




Серый гусь

Divlja guska

hus divá

Ánsar común


Boz Kaz

гуска сіра

hallhani e. roohani

nyári lúd


meža zoss


siva gos