Pink-footed Goose (Anser brachyrhynchus)

The Pink-footed Goose is a medium-sized bird that belongs to the family Anatidae. It is native to northern Europe, particularly Iceland, Norway, Denmark, Sweden, and Finland, and can also be found in other regions, such as Greenland, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. This bird's scientific name is Anser brachyrhynchus, and it is known for its beautiful pink feet and grey-brown plumage.

The Pink-footed Goose is about 55-70 cm long, with a wingspan of about 130-150 cm. The males and females are similar in appearance, but the males are usually slightly larger and heavier. They have a rounded head, a short grey beak, and a dark line from the beak to the eye. This bird has a distinctive honking call that can be heard from a distance.

These geese are migratory birds and breed in the Arctic tundra. They travel to their breeding grounds in May and June and build their nests in shallow depressions on the ground. The female lays around four to six eggs and both parents take turns incubating them. Once the chicks hatch, they are cared for by their parents and learn to fly in about 50-60 days.

During the winter, Pink-footed Geese travel south to warmer regions such as the Netherlands and the United Kingdom, where they feed on grass, clover, and grains. They are gregarious birds and often forage in large flocks. In the UK, they are a familiar sight over winter, congregating in large numbers in areas such as the Norfolk Broads, where they can sometimes be seen in their thousands.

Pink-footed Geese are not considered endangered, but they do face threats such as habitat loss and hunting. Conservation efforts are in place to protect their breeding grounds and to reduce hunting pressure on the birds. Overall, the Pink-footed Goose is a beautiful and fascinating bird, and watching them migrate in their thousands is a truly memorable sight.

Other names

Anser brachyrhynchus



Pink-footed Goose

oca de bec curt



kratkokljuna guska

husa krátkozobá

Kortnæbbet Gås

Kleine Rietgans


Oie à bec court


Oca zamperosee


trumpasnapė žąsis


gęś krótkodzioba


Короткоклювый гуменник

Kratkokljuna guska

hus krátkozobá

Ánsar piquicorto


Küçük Tarla Kazı

гуменник короткодзьобий


rövidcsőrű lúd


īsknābja zoss


kratkokljuna gos