Ross's Goose (Anser rossii)

The Ross's Goose (Chen rossii) is a small, white goose that belongs to the family Anatidae. It is a North American species that is found throughout the continent, ranging from Alaska and Canada to Mexico. The Ross's Goose is smaller in size compared to the Snow Goose, which is a close relative. The Ross's Goose measures about 20-26 inches in length and has a wingspan of about 50 inches.

The Ross's Goose has a distinctive physical appearance, with its white plumage and a black beak. During the breeding season, adult Ross's geese have a reddish-pink patch on their bills and legs. This species is often confused with the Snow Goose, which has a similar coloration but is larger in size.

Ross's geese usually breed in the Arctic regions of North America during the summer months and migrate southwards to their wintering grounds in the southern United States and Mexico during the fall. They travel in large flocks that can number up to several thousand birds.

These birds primarily feed on grasses and sedges, although they also consume crops such as wheat, rice, and corn. During the winter months, Ross's geese have been known to feed on the roots of aquatic plants and small invertebrates.

The conservation status of the Ross's goose was once under threat due to hunting, loss of habitat, and climate change. However, conservation measures that include protected breeding grounds, reduction in hunting, and efforts to preserve wetland habitats have helped in the recovery of this species.

Overall, the Ross's Goose is a fascinating bird because of its unique appearance and behaviors such as their seasonal migration and flocking habits. They play an important role in their ecosystem as seed dispersers and by shaping the vegetation in their breeding grounds.

Other names

Anser rossii



Ross's Goose

oca de Ross



bijela guska

husa bělostná


Ross' Gans


Oie de Ross


Oca di Ross


Roso žąsis


śnieżyca mała


Гусь Росса

Rosova guska

hus snežnička

Ánsar de Ross


Küçük Kar Kazı

гуска Роса




Rosa zoss


mala snežna gos