Tundra Bean Goose (Anser serrirostris)

The Tundra Bean Goose bird, scientifically known as Anser serrirostris, is a migratory bird species that belongs to the family of Anatidae. This goose species is one of the largest in the world, known for its distinctive appearance and migratory habits.

The Tundra Bean Goose bird has a long and narrow bill with a slightly curved tip and a pale pinkish-grey color. The bird's head and neck are dark brown, while the plumage on the rest of its body is grey-brown. Adult birds also have white patches on their rumps and a broad white band on their tails.

During winter, the Tundra Bean Goose bird migrates southwards to warmer regions, such as China, Japan, and Korea. In contrast, during summer, they move back to their breeding grounds in the tundra regions of Siberia, flying over 5,000 km. This species typically breeds in tall grassy areas near freshwater lakes, rivers, and wetlands. The Tundra Bean Goose bird is a herbivore and feeds mainly on plants, especially sedges, grasses, and aquatic vegetation.

The Tundra Bean Goose bird is known for its loud honking sound, which is used for communication during flight and migration. They form large flocks of up to several hundred individuals and migrate in a V-shape formation that conserves energy and helps them fly longer distances.

Unfortunately, the Tundra Bean Goose bird is currently facing threats such as habitat loss, hunting, and climate change. These factors have contributed to a decline in population and are putting the species at risk of extinction.

Conservation efforts aimed at protecting wetland habitats, reducing hunting pressure, and raising awareness of the importance of preserving bird species such as the Tundra Bean Goose bird are vital to ensure the continuation of the species and the biodiversity of our planet's ecosystems.

Other names

Anser serrirostris



Tundra Bean Goose



tundranska guska

husa tundrová



Oie de la toundra


Oca granaiola della tundra


tundrinė želmeninė žąsis


gęś tundrowa


Восточный тундровый гусь

Guska glogovnjača (tundranska)

hus tundrová


Tundra Kazı

гуменник тундровий

tundras sējas zoss