Dusky Nightjar (Antrostomus saturatus)

The Dusky Nightjar is a nocturnal bird that belongs to the family Caprimulgidae. It is found in the central and southern parts of South America, including Brazil, Bolivia, Argentina, and Paraguay. The bird is known for its unique call, which is often heard at night.

The Dusky Nightjar is a medium-sized bird, measuring around 25 cm in length and weighing around 75 grams. It has a dark, mottled plumage that helps it blend into its surroundings during the day. The bird's wings are long and pointed, and it has a short tail. The beak is relatively short and broad, perfect for catching insects on the wing.

As a nocturnal bird, the Dusky Nightjar is most active at dusk and dawn. During the day, it roosts on the ground, where it is well camouflaged. When disturbed, the bird will remain motionless until it feels threatened, at which point it will fly away quickly and silently.

The Dusky Nightjar is an insectivore and feeds exclusively on flying insects, such as beetles, moths, and flies. It hunts on the wing, catching prey in mid-air with its beak. The bird's eyes are large and adapted to low light conditions, allowing it to see well in the dark.

Breeding season for the Dusky Nightjar varies depending on location, but is generally between November and February. The bird breeds on the ground, laying one or two eggs at a time. The eggs are speckled and blend in with the surrounding ground, providing further camouflage.

Despite its secretive nature and nocturnal habits, the Dusky Nightjar is not considered to be a threatened species. However, habitat destruction and fragmentation pose a threat to the bird's survival, as does the use of insecticides, which can reduce the bird's prey base.

Overall, the Dusky Nightjar is a fascinating bird that has adapted well to its nocturnal lifestyle. Its unique call and cryptic plumage make it a favorite among bird enthusiasts, while its ability to catch insects on the wing is an impressive feat of agility and skill.

Other names

Antrostomus saturatus



Dusky Nightjar

enganyapastors fosc



tamnoprsi leganj

lelek šerý

Costa Rica-natravn

Zwarte Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent montagnard


Succiacapre fosco


tamsusis lėlys


lelkowiec kostarykański


Тёмный козодой

Tamni leganj

lelek vrchársky

Chotacabras fuliginoso


Karakızıl Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга коста-риканський

kostariika öösorr

hegyi lappantyú