Little Spotted Kiwi (Apteryx owenii)

The Little Spotted Kiwi, also known as the Kiwi pukupuku or Apteryx owenii, is a small flightless bird belonging to the Apterygidae family. It is native to New Zealand and is the rarest of all kiwi species, with only 1,500 individuals remaining in the wild.

The Little Spotted Kiwi is distinct from the other kiwi species in that it has spots of white and brown feathers on its back, neck, and head. It also has a more prominent bill and larger eyes. It measures around 35 centimeters in height and weighs approximately 1 kilogram.

The Little Spotted Kiwi is a nocturnal bird that spends the day in burrows or among thick vegetation. It is shy and elusive, making it difficult to spot in the wild. The bird feeds on a variety of insects, worms, snails, and other small invertebrates that it digs out of the ground with its strong legs and bill.

The Little Spotted Kiwi is considered an endangered species due to habitat loss, predation by introduced mammals, and hunting. Conservation efforts have been put in place to protect the remaining individuals, including the establishment of protected areas and the breeding of kiwis in captivity.

In recent years, conservationists have successfully reintroduced Little Spotted Kiwis to several islands off the coast of New Zealand where the bird was previously extinct. These islands offer a safer habitat free from introduced mammals, and give the birds a chance to thrive and reproduce. As a result, the Little Spotted Kiwi population has slowly increased, offering a glimmer of hope for the survival of the species.

In conclusion, the Little Spotted Kiwi is a unique and fascinating bird that is unfortunately on the brink of extinction. However, through the dedicated efforts of conservationists and scientists, there is a chance for this incredible bird to make a comeback and continue to exist in the wild for generations to come.

Other names

Apteryx owenii



Little Spotted Kiwi

kiwi tacat petit



mali kivi

kivi malý


Kleine Grijze Kiwi


Kiwi d’Owen


Kiwi macchiato minore


mažasis kivis


kiwi mały


Малый серый киви

Mali pegavi kivi

kivi pásikavý

Kiwi moteado menor

mindre fläckkivi

Benekli Küçük Kivi

ківі малий


kis foltos kivi