Okarito Kiwi (Apteryx rowi)

The Okarito Kiwi bird, also known as the Rowi, is one of the rarest and most endangered species of kiwi birds in the world. It is native to the Okarito forest, located in the Westland National Park in New Zealand, and is one of the five species of kiwi birds that are present in the country.

The Okarito Kiwi bird is characterised by its small size, measuring approximately 40 centimetres in length and weighing around 1.5 to 2 kilograms. The bird has a rusty brown coloured plumage with distinctive white markings on its face, chest, and legs.

Due to its reclusive nature, the Okarito Kiwi bird is rarely seen in the wild and is mostly active in the night-time. It is known for its long beak that it uses to probe the ground for insects and worms, which form its primary diet.

The bird’s population began to decline in the early 20th century due to the destruction of its natural habitat and the introduction of predators such as stoats, ferrets, and dogs. By the 1970s, there were only around 150 Okarito Kiwi birds left in the wild.

To save the species, conservationists established a captive breeding programme in 1987, which successfully bred around 170 birds over a period of ten years. Since then, the government has implemented measures to protect the bird's habitat by controlling the populations of predators.

As of 2020, the population of the Okarito Kiwi bird has increased to around 500, with 75% of them living on predator-free islands. These positive numbers are a testament to the success of conservation efforts in recent years and provide hope for the survival of this endangered species.

In conclusion, the Okarito Kiwi bird is a unique species of bird that reflects the beauty and diversity of wildlife found in New Zealand. Despite facing various threats, the bird has managed to survive with the help of conservation efforts, and it is imperative that we continue our efforts to protect this species for generations to come.

Other names

Apteryx rowi



Okarito Kiwi

kiwi d'Okarito



sivoglavi kivi

kivi okaritský

Okarito Kiwi



Kiwi d’Okarito


Kiwi bruno di Okarito


Okarito miško kivis


kiwi szary



Okarito smeđi kivi

kivi hodvábny

Kiwi de Okarito


Okarito Kivisi

ківі окаритський

okarito kiivi

okaritói barna kivi