Hainan Partridge (Arborophila ardens)

The Hainan Partridge bird (Arborophila ardens) is a bird species that is endemic to Hainan Island in China. It belongs to the family Phasianidae and is classified as a vulnerable species on the IUCN Red List due to the threat of habitat loss and hunting.

The Hainan Partridge bird has a distinctive appearance with a white throat and black head, and a reddish-brown body. It measures about 27cm in length and weighs between 200-250g. The male and female have similar physical features, but the male has a slightly longer tail and is slightly larger than the female.

The Hainan Partridge bird is known for its vocalizations, which consist of monotonic, repetitive, low-pitched whistles. It is a shy and elusive bird that inhabits dense forests and thick undergrowth, where it feeds on a variety of insects and seeds.

The breeding season for the Hainan Partridge bird occurs from March to June, and during this time, males will perform courtship displays to attract a mate. The female lays about 5-7 eggs and incubates them for about 22-24 days, after which the young hatch and are cared for by the parents.

The population of the Hainan Partridge bird has experienced a decline due to habitat loss and hunting. The bird's primary habitat, the Evergreen broadleaf forests, has been affected by deforestation for agriculture, mining, and development. Additionally, hunting of the bird for food or as a pet has been prevalent in the past, further threatening its survival.

Efforts have been made to conserve the Hainan Partridge bird, including the establishment of protected areas such as the Hainan Dongzhaigang National Nature Reserve and the Hainan Bawangling National Nature Reserve. These areas provide a safe haven for the bird, protecting it from habitat loss and hunting.

In conclusion, the Hainan Partridge bird is a unique and fascinating bird species that is endemic to Hainan Island. Despite its vulnerability, efforts to conserve it have been made, and its continued survival will depend on continued conservation measures and public awareness.

Other names

Arborophila ardens



Hainan Partridge

perdiu forestal de Hainan



hainanska trčka

koroptev chajnanská




Torquéole de Hainan


Pernice di Hainan


hainaninė krūmyninė kurapka


pstropiór maskowy


Хайнаньская кустарниковая куропатка

Hajnanska jarebica

kurička hainanská

Arborófila de Hainán


Kara Başlı Dağ Kekliği

куріпка хайнанська

hainani künkakana

hainani erdeifogoly