White-cheeked Partridge (Arborophila atrogularis)

The White-cheeked Partridge, scientifically known as Arborophila atrogularis, is a species of bird belonging to the Phasianidae family. It is commonly found in the evergreen broad-leaved forests of Southeast Asia, including China, Thailand, Vietnam, and Myanmar.

This bird is typically about 26-28 cm long and weighs around 400-500 grams. It has a brownish-grey body, with its neck and breast adorned with beautiful black and white stripes. The most distinguishing feature of this bird is its distinct white cheek patches, which stand out brightly against its otherwise brownish plumage.

White-cheeked Partridges prefer to live in dense forests and are often seen foraging on the forest floor for insects, seeds, and berries. These birds tend to be quite shy and timid, preferring to hide from predators rather than confront them.

During the breeding season, White-cheeked Partridges form monogamous pairs. The female lays 4-7 eggs in a concealed nest, which is typically found on the ground or a low bush. Both the male and female take turns to incubate the eggs for around 22-25 days until they hatch. The chicks are cared for by both parents and fledge at around 10-14 days old.

Unfortunately, the population of White-cheeked Partridges is under threat due to habitat loss and deforestation. The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) has listed this species as "Vulnerable", with their population declining at an alarming rate. Conservation efforts are required to protect and restore their natural habitat to ensure the survival of this species.

In conclusion, the White-cheeked Partridge is a beautiful bird that is facing a bleak future due to human activities. Efforts need to be made to restore their habitats and ensure their protection for future generations to admire and appreciate these wonderful creatures.

Other names

Arborophila atrogularis



White-cheeked Partridge

perdiu forestal emmascarada



crnogrla trčka

koroptev bělolící




Torquéole à joues blanches


Pernice guancebianche


baltaskruostė krūmyninė kurapka


pstropiór czarnogardły


Белощёкая кустарниковая куропатка

Jarebica belih obraza

kurička bielolíca

Arborófila cariblanca

vitkindad sånghöna

Ak Yanaklı Dağ Kekliği

куріпка білощока