Roll's Partridge (Arborophila rolli)

The Roll's Partridge bird, also known as the Crimson-headed Partridge or the Rufous-throated Partridge, belongs to the family Phasianidae. It is found primarily in Southeast Asia, including Myanmar, Thailand, and Laos, and is a popular game bird in some areas.

This bird is particularly striking due to its vibrant reddish-brown head and neck, which contrasts sharply against its grayer body and wings. It measures between 30 and 36 centimeters in length and typically weighs between 300 and 500 grams.

Roll's Partridge birds generally live in lowland forests or forested foothills and are found at elevations of up to 2,400 meters. They are omnivores and feed on seeds, fruits, insects, and small animals. The male birds are polygamous and may mate with multiple females during the breeding season, which typically occurs between March and August.

The Roll's Partridge bird is threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation and hunting for food and sport. Its population is considered to be declining, and it is classified as a Near Threatened species by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

Efforts are underway to protect this species through the creation of protected areas and conservation programs. The bird is listed on Appendix II of the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), which regulates trade in threatened species, and it is also protected under national laws in some countries.

In conclusion, the Roll's Partridge bird is a beautiful and unique species that plays an important role in the ecosystems of Southeast Asia. It is facing significant threats and requires continued conservation efforts to ensure its survival for future generations.

Other names

Arborophila rolli



Roll's Partridge

perdiu forestal de Roll



narančastoprsa trčka

koroptev batacká


Rolls Bospatrijs


Torquéole de Roll


Pernice di Roll


Rolio krūmyninė kurapka


pstropiór rdzawopierśny


Кустарниковая куропатка Ролла

Batačka jarebica

kurička Rollova

Arborófila batak


Roll Dağ Kekliği

куріпка індонезійська

bataki künkakana

Puyuh-gonggong biasa