Large Frogmouth (Batrachostomus auritus)

The Large Frogmouth bird is a distinctive species that inhabits the forests of Southeast Asia. Known for their large, gaping mouths, these birds are often active at night, making it challenging to sight them in the wild.

The Large Frogmouth bird has a unique appearance with an elongated bill, and its plumage is usually in grey, brown, or black. Their wings, tails, and feet usually have few markings, and the plumage colour makes them an excellent camouflager in their habitat. They are named after their large, gaping mouths, with an unwieldy rictus that makes them look like they could swallow small animals whole.

These birds are primarily nocturnal and feed on insects such as moths, beetles, and termites, which they catch by darting out from their roosts located among dense foliage or crevices in trees.

The Large Frogmouth bird’s common habitat is in dense forest cover and has an incredible capacity to remain motionless, which helps its camouflage ability. This bird has an extraordinary ability to change their size and shape, making it challenging to distinguish them from their surroundings. They are experts in blending with their environment. They remain as still as possible and hold-up their heads, a ritual applied to evade predators.

The Large Frogmouth is monogamous, and its breeding season usually takes place between February and June. They have a particular distinctive way of mimicking the sounds of their thrush accomplices, and their calls are an indication of mate acceptance.

Overall, the Large Frogmouth bird is an outstanding species that exhibits fascinating traits, abilities, and behaviors. Their nocturnal habits, unique appearance, and incredible camouflage abilities make them a remarkable bird of prey and a joy to observe for bird experts and nature lovers alike.

Other names

Batrachostomus auritus



Large Frogmouth

podarg orellut



pjegava žabousta

lelkoun ušatý

Stor Bladfrømund

Grote Kikkerbek


Podarge oreillard


Bocca di rana maggiore


didysis varliažiotis


gębal uszaty


Ушастый лягушкорот

Velika žabousta

žaboústka ušatá

Podargo orejudo

större grodmun

Büyük Kocaağız

корнудо вухатий



Paruh-kodok besar