Philippine Frogmouth (Batrachostomus septimus)

The Philippine Frogmouth bird is a peculiar species of bird found exclusively in the Philippines. Known scientifically as Batrachostomus septimus, the Philippine Frogmouth is named after its unique mouth that resembles that of a frog. It belongs to the family Podargidae, which includes other nocturnal bird species, and is also commonly referred to as the Philippine Dwarf-Kingfisher.

The Philippine Frogmouth is a small-sized bird, measuring around 21.5cm in length and weighing only 66 grams. They have a distinct appearance with their brown and grey feathering pattern that provides them with excellent camouflage on tree branches where they often perch for hours at a time.

Like most frogmouth species, the Philippine Frogmouth is a nocturnal bird and is most active at night. It primarily feeds on insects, such as moths and beetles, which it catches using its broad and flat beak. Unlike other bird species, the Philippine Frogmouth is not known to be a fast or agile flyer. Instead, it relies on its camouflage to catch prey while perched on branches.

The Philippine Frogmouth is commonly found in the lowland forests of the Philippines, particularly in areas with dense vegetation cover. They are known to be relatively sedentary and do not migrate to other areas, making them highly dependent on the forest ecosystems they inhabit. As such, they are considered vulnerable to habitat loss and deforestation, which pose significant threats to their survival.

Despite their small population and limited distribution, the Philippine Frogmouth is not currently endangered. However, conservation efforts are necessary to ensure their continued survival, particularly in the face of continued deforestation in the country.

In conclusion, the Philippine Frogmouth bird is a fascinating species that showcases the diversity of birdlife in the Philippines. With its unique appearance, nocturnal habits, and reliance on forest ecosystems, this bird species is a vital component in maintaining the Philippines' rich biodiversity and is an excellent example of the need for conservation efforts to preserve our natural heritage.

Other names

Batrachostomus septimus



Philippine Frogmouth

podarg de les Filipines



filipinska žabousta

lelkoun filipínský

Filippinsk Bladfrømund

Filipijnse Kikkerbek


Podarge des Philippines


Bocca di rana delle Filippine


filipininis varliažiotis


gębal cynamonowy


Филиппинский лякушкорот

Filipinska žabousta

žaboústka filipínska

Podargo filipino


Filipin Kocaağzı

корнудо філіпінський

filipiini konnsuu

fülöp-szigeteki békaszájú