Gould's Frogmouth (Batrachostomus stellatus)

The Gould's Frogmouth bird is a unique bird species found in Australia that derives its name from its large frog-like mouth. This bird belongs to the family Podargidae and is known for its remarkable ability to remain camouflaged during the day. It is a nocturnal bird that comes to life at night, feeding on insects and small mammals.

Despite being nocturnal, the Gould's Frogmouth bird has a well-developed sense of hearing that allows it to locate its prey even in the dark. It has cat-like eyes that are adapted to low light levels and enable it to see perfectly in the dark. This bird's unique mouth structure allows it to grab insects and small animals like moths and bats swiftly.

One of the most significant characteristics of the Gould's Frogmouth bird is its camouflaging ability. During the day, it remains almost invisible to predators and prey alike, thanks to its bark-like color and its ability to mimic tree bark patterns precisely. As they sit atop tree branches with their eyes closed, they resemble dead tree stumps.

The Gould's Frogmouth bird is a master of remaining hidden during the day, which makes it difficult for researchers to study them. However, scientists have discovered that these birds protect their young from predators by puffing up like a balloon and exposing their underbelly, which is normally white. This behavior attracts potential predators towards the parent bird, allowing the young ones to escape unnoticed.

In conclusion, the Gould's Frogmouth bird is a fascinating bird species that is well adapted to its environment. Its unique mouth structure, sensory abilities, and camouflaging ability make it one of Australia's most fascinating nocturnal birds. Despite being elusive and challenging to study, it's essential to protect the habitat of this species, which is threatened by deforestation and logging.

Other names

Batrachostomus stellatus



Gould's Frogmouth

podarg estelat



kestenjasta žabousta

lelkoun pralesní


Goulds Kikkerbek


Podarge étoilé


Bocca di rana di Gould


žvynuotasis varliažiotis


gębal łuskowany


Чешуйчатый лягушкорот

Guldova žabousta

žaboústka šupinatá

Podargo estrellado


Gould Kocaağzı

корнудо малазійський

malai konnsuu

maláj békaszájú

Paruh-kodok bintang