Musk Duck (Biziura lobata)

The Musk Duck (Biziura lobata) is a highly unusual waterbird that is found only in Australia. It is a large, stocky bird that is well-adapted to life in water, with a streamlined body, fully webbed feet, and a unique, spiky tail. The Musk Duck is also notable for its unusual vocalizations, which include loud hisses, groans, and bellows, as well as a characteristic 'musky' odor that emanates from the male's beak during breeding season.

One of the most distinctive features of the Musk Duck is its strange, spiky tail. The male Musk Duck develops this unusual appendage during breeding season, and it is used as a courtship display to attract females. The spiky tail is held upright and fanned out while the male performs a variety of acrobatic movements, including head-tossing, feather-ruffling, and bill-snapping.

The Musk Duck is typically found in wetlands and other freshwater habitats, where it feeds on a variety of aquatic creatures such as crustaceans, mollusks, and fish. It is a highly skilled diver, capable of staying underwater for up to five minutes while it searches for prey. The Musk Duck also has a prodigious appetite, and has been known to consume up to one kilogram of food per day.

Like many waterbirds, the Musk Duck faces a number of threats in the wild, including habitat loss, pollution, and human disturbance. In addition, the Musk Duck is considered a prized game bird in some parts of Australia, and is hunted for its meat and feathers. Despite these challenges, however, the Musk Duck appears to be reasonably stable in the wild, and is not currently considered to be at risk of extinction.

Overall, the Musk Duck is a fascinating and unique waterbird that is well worth studying and protecting. Its unusual appearance, vocalizations, and behaviors make it a valuable and fascinating part of Australia's native wildlife.

Other names

Biziura lobata



Musk Duck

ànec de papada



siva čakora

kachnice laločnatá


Australische Muskuseend


Érismature à barbillons


Gobbo muschiato


tasmaninė antis




Лопастная утка

Režnjevita patka

laločnica potápavá

Malvasía papuda


Misk Ördeği

савка сіра


lebernyeges réce