Canada Goose (Branta canadensis)

The Canada Goose, also known as the Branta canadensis, is a familiar bird species that is found across North America. These birds are a common sight in parks, golf courses, and other urban and suburban areas, where they are known for their distinctive honking calls and V-shaped formations during migration.

Canada Geese are large birds, with males weighing up to 13 pounds and females weighing up to 10 pounds. They have long necks and legs, a black head and neck, white cheek patches, and a brownish-gray body. Adult birds typically mate for life and are highly social, living in large flocks that may number in the hundreds or even thousands.

These birds are primarily herbivorous, feeding on a variety of grasses, herbs, and other plant materials. They are also known to eat some aquatic plants, berries, and agricultural crops, which can sometimes bring them into conflict with humans.

Canada Geese are known for their remarkable adaptation and resilience to different climates and habitats. Though they are migratory birds, many populations have adjusted to year-round residency in cities and other urban areas, where they have access to food and water sources all year round. In fact, some birds have become so adapted to urban living that they no longer migrate at all.

Despite the fact that Canada Geese are technically wild animals, they have become a beloved symbol of Canadian and North American identity. They are depicted on everything from Canadian coins to provincial flags, and have come to represent a sense of hardiness, adaptability, and resilience that is associated with the Canadian spirit. In many ways, the Canada Goose is a natural ambassador for the wild beauty and diversity of North America, as well as a powerful symbol of the human-animal relationship that has evolved over centuries of shared history and habitat.

Other names

Branta canadensis



Canada Goose

oca del Canadà



kanadska guska

berneška velká


Grote Canadese Gans


Bernache du Canada


Oca canadese


kanadinė berniklė


bernikla kanadyjska


Канадская казарка

Kanadska guska

bernikla veľká

Barnacla canadiense grande


Kanada Kazı

казарка канадська

kanada lagle

kanadai lúd


Kanādas zoss


kanadska gos