Barnacle Goose (Branta leucopsis)

The Barnacle Goose is a migratory bird species that is found in the Arctic regions of Europe and North America. This bird is a medium-sized species, with a distinctive black and white plumage that makes it easy to identify. They have a short, black bill, and their legs are also black, making them look very elegant when they are standing on the ground.

These birds are known for their amazing migration patterns, and they are able to travel thousands of miles each year to reach their breeding grounds. They migrate from their winter habitats in Western Europe to their breeding grounds in the Arctic Tundra of Eastern Greenland and Baffin Island.

During the mating period, the Barnacle goose is very protective of its partner and territorial towards other geese. The female goose will lay anywhere between 3-5 eggs during the nesting season, and both parents will take care of the eggs during the incubation period of around 29-30 days before the chicks hatch.

One of the most distinctive aspects of the Barnacle Goose is its diet. These birds feed on various plants, algae, and insects found in the coastal areas where they live. They have even come up with an extraordinary way of feeding themselves during their long migration journeys. They feed themselves by selecting certain algae that grow on rocks on the shoreline while standing on one leg and using their other foot to pull it off with their beaks!

Unfortunately, due to hunting activities, their numbers have been negatively affected in some locations worldwide. However, due to protective measures like habitat conservation and hunting restrictions, the Barnacle Goose populations have recovered in some regions. As a result, the Barnacle Goose has become a prized bird for bird watchers and wildlife enthusiasts alike, with its beauty and unique behavior making it a very fascinating bird to observe.

Other names

Branta leucopsis



Barnacle Goose

oca de galta blanca



bjelolica guska

berneška bělolící




Bernache nonnette


Oca facciabianca


baltaskruostė berniklė


bernikla białolica


Белощёкая казарка

Belolika guska

bernikla bielolíca

Barnacla cariblanca

vitkindad gås

Ak Yanaklı Kaz

казарка білощока




baltvaigu zoss


belolična gos