Red-breasted Goose (Branta ruficollis)

The Red-breasted Goose is a small, brightly-colored wild goose species that breeds in Arctic tundras. It is also known as the 'Ruddy-headed Goose' due to its characteristic bright, reddish-brown plumage on the head and neck, which contrasts with its white underbelly. The rest of its body is predominantly dark grey, and it has a black beak and legs.

The Red-breasted Goose is about 53–56 cm in length and weighs about 800-1100g. It is one of the smallest goose species, and its size makes it stand out among other geese. The bird is primarily herbivorous, feeding on grasses, herbs, and other vegetation, but it also feeds on aquatic plants, invertebrates, and occasionally small vertebrates.

During the breeding season, which occurs between May and July, the Red-breasted Goose migrates to the Arctic tundra, where it nests in small colonies. The male performs a mating dance to attract the female and will aggressively defend his mate and their territory from rival males. The female lays a clutch of four to six eggs, which hatch after about 25 to 27 days. The young, called goslings, fledge or learn to fly after about 45 days.

The Red-breasted Goose has a small population, estimated at about 50,000 to 70,000 individuals. The bird is listed as vulnerable due to habitat destruction and illegal hunting, which have significantly reduced its numbers. There have been conservation efforts to protect the Red-breasted Goose, including bans on hunting, establishment of protected areas, and campaigns to raise awareness about the bird's status.

In conclusion, the Red-breasted Goose is a unique and beautiful bird species found in the Arctic tundras. The species faces numerous threats, and conservation efforts are imperative to protect it from extinction.

Other names

Branta ruficollis



Red-breasted Goose

oca de coll roig



crvenovrata guska

berneška rudokrká

Rødhalset Gås



Bernache à cou roux


Oca collorosso


rudakaklė berniklė


bernikla rdzawoszyja


Краснозобая казарка

Guska crvenovoljka

bernikla červenokrká

Barnacla cuelliroja

rödhalsad gås

Sibirya Kazı

казарка червоновола


vörösnyakú lúd


sarkankakla zoss


rdečevrata gos