Nene (Branta sandvicensis)

The Nene bird, also known as Hawaiian Goose, is a native bird of the Hawaiian Islands. This bird is a member of the family Anatidae, which includes swans, geese and ducks. The Nene bird is considered a symbol of Hawaii and is the official state bird of the state.

The Nene bird is a medium-sized bird, measuring around two to three feet in length and weighing five to six pounds. The male Nene bird is slightly larger than the female. The body of the bird is mostly brown, with black and white markings on the head, neck, wings and tail. Unlike most geese, the Nene bird has only partially webbed feet, which are better adapted to walking on rugged terrain.

Historically, the Nene bird was found in abundance on all of the main Hawaiian Islands. However, due to hunting, egg collection and habitat destruction, the population declined drastically. In the 1950s, the Nene bird was on the verge of extinction, with only 30 birds left in the wild. By the 1980s, conservation efforts had increased the population to around 800 birds, although the Nene bird is still considered an endangered species.

Conservation efforts have included habitat protection, predator control and captive breeding programs. The breeding programs have been particularly successful, with over 2,500 Nene birds being released into the wild since 1991. The population of the Nene bird has increased steadily since these efforts began.

The Nene bird is primarily a herbivore, feeding on the leaves of various native plants, seeds and berries. The bird is also known to eat snails and other small insects. The mating season for the Nene bird is between August and April. The female lays one to five eggs, which are incubated for around 30 days. The young birds are able to fly within two months of hatching.

In conclusion, the Nene bird is a symbol of Hawaii and an important part of the state's ecosystem. Conservation efforts have been successful in increasing the population of this endangered species, although continued efforts are necessary to ensure its survival.

Other names

Branta sandvicensis




oca de les Hawaii



havajska guska

berneška havajská




Bernache néné


Oca delle Hawaii


havajinė berniklė


bernikla hawajska


Гавайская казарка

Havajska guska (nene)

bernikla vlnkovaná

Barnacla nené



казарка гавайська


hawaii lúd