Barrow's Goldeneye (Bucephala islandica)

Barrow's Goldeneye is a beautiful bird species that belongs to the family Anatidae. The scientific name of Barrow's Goldeneye is Bucephala islandica. This bird species is native to North America and can often be found in the cold, freshwater lakes and rivers of Alaska, Canada, and the Western United States.

Male Barrow's Goldeneye birds are easily identifiable by their distinctive black and white plumage. Their heads are a glossy greenish-black, and they have a crescent-shaped white patch just behind the eye. They also have a black back and wings, with white patches on their sides and an iridescent purple-blue hue on the wing coverts. Female Barrow's Goldeneyes, on the other hand, are a mostly brownish-grey color with a distinctive white patch on the cheek.

Barrow's Goldeneye birds prefer to live in freshwater habitats, and they are adapted to survive in cold environments. They are able to withstand colder temperatures than most other waterfowl species, thanks to the dense plumage that keeps them warm. They also have short, heavily-webbed feet that allow them to maneuver expertly in the water.

Barrow's Goldeneye birds are opportunistic feeders, consuming aquatic plants, insects, crustaceans, and even small fish. They are excellent divers and can stay submerged for up to one minute as they search for prey underwater. During the breeding season, Barrow's Goldeneyes are monogamous and will pair up to raise their young. The females lay around six to 12 eggs, which take approximately one month to hatch. The chicks are born covered in down and are able to swim and dive within a few hours of hatching.

Unfortunately, Barrow's Goldeneye populations have been declining in some parts of its range. Habitat loss, water pollution, and hunting have all contributed to this decline. While conservation efforts are underway to protect these birds and their habitats, further steps need to be taken to ensure the survival of the Barrow's Goldeneye for generations to come.

Other names

Bucephala islandica



Barrow's Goldeneye

morell d'Islàndia



islandska patka

hohol islandský

Islandsk Hvinand

IJslandse Brilduiker


Garrot d’Islande


Quattrocchi d'Islanda


islandinė klykuolė




Исландский гоголь

Islandska patka dupljašica

hlaholka veľká

Porrón islándico


İzlanda Altıngözü

гоголь ісландський


izlandi kerceréce


Islandes nira


islandski zvonec