Muscovy Duck (Cairina moschata)

The Muscovy duck, also known as the Barbary duck or the Brazilian duck, is a large, domesticated duck native to South and Central America. The bird's scientific name is "Cairina moschata" and it belongs to the family "Anatidae." The term "Muscovy" refers to the breed's existence in the region of Moscow.

Muscovy ducks are relatively large and can weigh up to 15 pounds, making them one of the heaviest breeds of ducks. They have unique physical features which distinguish them from other duck breeds. The birds have red facial skin with black markings around their eyes and bill, making them very distinct. They also have a black or dark purple patch of feathers in the shape of a "V" on their wings. Colors of Muscovy ducks vary from all-black, black and white, and various shades of brown.

Muscovy ducks are known for their calm and gentle personalities. Unlike most other duck breeds, Muscovies are relatively quiet, which contributes to their ease in keeping as domesticated animals. They are social birds and can tolerate the presence of other birds and animals, but are not migratory and prefer to stay in one place for extended periods.

Muscovy ducks are omnivores and consume a wide variety of food. Their diet includes aquatic plants, seeds, fruits, insects, worms, and small aquatic animals. They are found primarily near freshwater habitats such as rivers, lakes, and swamps. Despite their large size, Muscovies are agile swimmers and flyers, often seen quickly diving underwater to access their prey.

Muscovy ducks are often kept as domesticated pets or farm animals and are not considered endangered. The birds are valued for their meat, which is lean, tender, and flavorful. They are also a source of eggs and feathers, which have been utilized by humans for centuries. Their docile and sociable nature make them ideal as pets, children and elderly people love them. Overall, the Muscovy duck is an interesting and valuable species, with a rich history and many unique traits.

Other names

Cairina moschata



Muscovy Duck

ànec mut



mošusna patka

pižmovka americká




Canard musqué


Anatra muta


paprastoji muskusinė antis




Мускусная утка

Mošusna patka

pižmovka lesklá

Pato criollo


Moskof Ördeği

качка мускусна





moškatna bleščavka