California Quail (Callipepla californica)

The California Quail is a medium-sized game bird that belongs to the New World quail family. It is also known as the Valley Quail or the California Partridge. This species is found throughout the western United States, from southern Oregon to Baja California in Mexico. They prefer rocky foothills and open woodlands along the coast and in deserts.

The California Quail stands at around 10-12 inches tall, with males generally being slightly larger than females. They possess a distinctive plumed headdress of six feathers, which can be raised or lowered to signal mood or a warning of danger. The males have a black throat, a white stripe above the beak, a brown back, and a blue-grey chest. The females are similar but have a more subdued brown coloration. Overall, the California Quail is a striking and recognizable bird.

These quails are primarily ground-dwelling birds that forage for food on the ground. They feed on seeds, insects, and vegetation, and often scratch the ground with their feet in search of food. They are also well-adapted to arid environments and can survive without water for extended periods by obtaining moisture from their food.

The California Quail is a non-migratory bird and typically forms small flocks consisting of a few families. During the breeding season, these flocks break up, and the males establish territories to attract females. The females lay around 12-16 eggs in a shallow scraped nest on the ground. The eggs are incubated by the female for around 21 days when they hatch, and the chicks can feed themselves within hours.

These quails are popular game birds and are hunted for sport and food. However, they are not currently considered threatened, and their populations are abundant throughout their range. They are also popular among bird enthusiasts and are often featured on birdwatching tours.

In conclusion, the California Quail is a fascinating bird that is beloved for its unique appearance, charming behavior, and delicious meat. It is a symbol of the American West and is an important part of North American avian fauna.

Other names

Callipepla californica



California Quail

colí de Califòrnia



kalifornijska prepelica

křepel kalifornský

Californisk Topvagtel

Californische Kuifkwartel


Colin de Californie


Colino della California


kaliforninė putpelė


przepiór kalifornijski


Калифорнийский хохлатый перепел

Kalifornijska prepelica

prepelka korunkatá

Colín de California

kalifornisk tofsvaktel

Kaliforniya Kolini

перепелиця каліфорнійська

kalifornia tuttvutt

kaliforniai búbosfürj


Kalifornijas paipala


kalifornijska čopasta prepelica