Elegant Quail (Callipepla douglasii)

The Elegant Quail, also known as the Crested Bobwhite, is a small bird that is native to Southern Texas, Mexico, and Central America. It is a popular game bird and is often hunted for sport, which has led to a decline in its population in some areas.

The Elegant Quail is a striking bird with a distinctive crest that curves backward on its head. Its body is brown with black and white markings, and it has a white throat and belly. Males have a brighter coloring than females, with a more pronounced crest and white and black markings on their faces.

The bird is not particularly migratory, and it is a ground-nesting bird. It is most active during the early morning and late evening when it feeds on seeds, insects, and berries. The bird is known for its beautiful call, which is a series of short, sharp whistles that sound like "Chu-Chu-Chu."

The Elegant Quail is a social bird and can often be seen in flocks of up to 20 individuals. During breeding season, males will engage in courtship displays to attract females. These displays involve the male puffing out its chest, bobbing its head, and calling out to the female.

The Elegant Quail is a popular game bird and is often hunted for sport. This has led to a decline in its population, particularly in Texas, where hunting regulations have been relaxed. Conservation efforts are now in place to protect the Elegant Quail and its habitat.

In conclusion, the Elegant Quail is a beautiful bird that is known for its striking appearance, unique call, and social nature. Although it is a popular game bird, conservation efforts are in place to protect the species from overhunting and habitat loss. Hopefully, with these efforts, the Elegant Quail will continue to thrive and enchant bird enthusiasts for years to come.

Other names

Callipepla douglasii



Elegant Quail

colí elegant



sonorska prepelica

křepel chocholkatý

Rødtoppet Vagtel

Douglas' Kuifkwartel


Colin élégant


Quaglia elegante


dailioji putpelė


przepiór strojny


Дугласов хохлатый перепел

Daglasova prepelica

prepelka ozdobná

Colín elegante


Zarif Kolin

перепелиця жовточуба