Scaled Quail (Callipepla squamata)

The Scaled Quail, also known as the Blue Quail or Scallop Quail, is a small ground bird belonging to the New World quail family. This bird species is native to the southwestern part of the United States and Mexico, ranging from southern Nevada, New Mexico, and Arizona to central Mexico.

This bird species is named after the unique pattern of scales on its breast and belly. Its appearance is distinctive, with a bluish-gray head, brown wings, and a buff-colored belly. Its back and sides are covered with dark blotches, which help to camouflage it from predators. The Scaled Quail has a short, stocky body, short neck, and strong legs, which make it well adapted to life on the ground. Its dimorphic feature is that males have a brighter blue-gray head and females have a more muted, brown-gray head.

Scaled Quails prefer to inhabit arid, desert regions, and rocky slopes with sparse vegetation. They feed mainly on seeds, green shoots, and insects, which they search for on the ground. In winter, they will eat cactus fruits and mesquite beans.

Scaled Quails are known for their distinctive covey behavior. They live in flocks of up to 20 to 30 birds, which allows them to protect against predators and hunt for food more efficiently. During the breeding season, males will perform a “scalloped dance” to attract females. The male will rise up on his toes, fan his tail, and strut around the female in a circular motion.

Unfortunately, Scaled Quails are under threat due to habitat loss, hunting, and climate change. Their population has declined over the years, and some sub-populations are now susceptible to extinction. Conservation efforts are in place to protect this unique and valuable bird. These include controlling hunting and preserving suitable habitat.

In conclusion, the Scaled Quail is a fascinating bird species that is well adapted to life in the desert and deserves further appreciation and conservation.

Other names

Callipepla squamata



Scaled Quail

colí escatós



kukmasta prepelica

křepel šupinkatý


Geschubde Kwartel


Colin écaillé


Quaglia squamata


žvynuotoji putpelė


przepiór łuskowany


Чешуйчатый перепел

Ljuskava prepelica

prepelka šupinatá

Colín escamado

fjällig tofsvaktel

Pullu Kolin

перепелиця строкатобока


pikkelyes fogasfürj

zvīņotā paipala