Schlegel's Francolin (Campocolinus schlegelii)

The Schlegel's Francolin bird, also known as Schlegel's courser, is a rare and elusive species of bird that primarily inhabits the grasslands of central and Eastern Africa. It is named after the German ornithologist Hermann Schlegel and is commonly referred to as just the Francolin bird.

The Francolin bird is a medium-sized bird, with a weight ranging from 250 to 400 grams. Its body is round and compact, with a fairly short tail and wings. The feathers are mostly brown and gray, with a distinct pattern of spots and streaks on the breast and back. The head is brown with a distinct white stripe over the eye, and a bold red bill and legs.

The Francolin bird is highly adapted to life in grasslands and savannas, where it feeds on a wide variety of insects, seeds, and small reptiles. It is generally a ground-dwelling bird, but can fly for short distances if needed. During the breeding season, males will usually stake out a territory and attract females with a series of loud calls and displays of courtship.

Despite being a relatively common bird in certain parts of Africa, the Francolin bird faces several threats to its survival. Habitat loss due to increased agriculture and grazing, as well as hunting by local communities, are the most serious threats to this species. Conservation efforts are ongoing in many parts of the bird's range, including the establishment of protected areas and management programs to reduce the impact of hunting and other human activities.

Overall, the Schlegel's Francolin bird remains a fascinating and important species in the ecology of Africa. Its striking appearance and unique adaptations to grassland environments make it a valuable subject for study and conservation, and efforts to protect it will help ensure its survival for generations to come.

Other names

Campocolinus schlegelii



Schlegel's Francolin

francolí de Schlegel



smeđovrata jarebica

frankolín proužkoprsý


Schlegels Frankolijn


Francolin de Schlegel


Francolino di Schlegel


Šlėgelio frankolinas


frankolin jarzębaty


Шлегелев турач

Šlegelov frankolin

frankolín jarabý

Francolín de Schlegel


Schlegel Turacı

турач Шлегеля

vöötfrankoliin (vööt-frankoliinkana)