Spruce Grouse (Canachites canadensis)

The Spruce Grouse is a medium-sized bird found in the northern regions of North America. It is a unique and fascinating species that has a distinctive appearance and behavior.

These birds are primarily found in coniferous forests, especially in areas dominated by spruce and fir trees. They are well adapted to living in these habitats and have several features that make them well-suited for life in the forest.

One of the most distinctive features of the Spruce Grouse is its plumage. The males have a black and white speckled pattern on their wings and tail feathers, while the females have a reddish-brown plumage with dark brown streaking. Both have a white stripe above the eye.

The Spruce Grouse is a ground-dwelling bird that spends most of its time on the forest floor searching for food. They feed mainly on conifer needles and buds, and sometimes will also eat insects and other small invertebrates.

During breeding season, the male Spruce Grouse will put on quite a show for the female. He will inflate the red air sacs on his neck and display a series of wing beats and tail flutters, all while making a series of distinctive calls. The female will watch this display and choose a mate based on his performance.

Although the Spruce Grouse is not considered a threatened or endangered species, its populations in some areas have been impacted by habitat loss and fragmentation. In some regions, hunting has also taken a toll on these birds.

Overall, the Spruce Grouse is a fascinating and unique bird that plays an important role in the ecology of the northern forests of North America. With conservation efforts, we can ensure the continued survival of this important bird species.

Other names

Canachites canadensis



Spruce Grouse

grèvol del Canadà



kanadska lještarka

tetřívek kanadský




Tétras du Canada


Pernice delle peccete


kanadinis tetervinas


borowiak kanadyjski


Канадская дикуша

Smrekin tetreb

jariabok jedľový

Gallo canadiense


Amerika Ladin Tavuğu

дикуша канадська



Kanādas rubenis