Egyptian Nightjar (Caprimulgus aegyptius)

The Egyptian Nightjar bird, also known as Caprimulgus aegyptius, is a fascinating species of bird found in the Middle East and the Mediterranean regions. This nocturnal bird belongs to the family of Caprimulgiformes. It gets its name from its habit of making a harsh noise during the night, which is similar to the sound of a jar being broken.

The Egyptian Nightjar is a medium-sized bird, measuring about 22-25 cm in length, and has a wingspan of about 50-57 cm. Its plumage is mostly grey-brown, with a darker pattern on the wings and tail. The bird's head has distinctive black and white markings, along with a large black eye that distinguishes it from other nightjar species. During the day, the bird remains camouflaged on the ground, adopting a posture that makes it look like a piece of wood or a stone.

The Egyptian Nightjar is not a migratory bird, and typically stays within its breeding territory, which stretches from North Africa to the Middle East. These birds are found in various habitats, including rocky deserts, scrublands, and even urban parks and gardens.

The Egyptian Nightjar feeds mainly on moths, beetles, and other insects that become active during the night. These birds are known for their unique hunting techniques, which include snatching insects in mid-air or from the ground. The bird has a large, gaping mouth, which helps it to scoop up insects as it flies through the air.

Egyptian Nightjars breed during the summer months, laying their eggs on the ground, usually in a small hollow. The eggs are usually a light brown shade with dark speckles to help camouflage them in the surroundings.

Sadly, the Egyptian Nightjar bird faces numerous threats, including habitat destruction, hunting, and collisions with cars while hunting at night. Conservation efforts are underway to protect this beautiful bird, and it is hoped that with increased awareness, the population of this species will continue to thrive for years to come.

Other names

Caprimulgus aegyptius



Egyptian Nightjar

enganyapastors d'Egipte



pustinjski leganj

lelek světlý


Egyptische Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent du désert


Succiacapre isabellino


egiptinis lėlys


lelek egipski


Буланый козодой

Egipatski leganj

lelek žltkavý

Chotacabras egipcio


Çöl Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга буланий


sivatagi lappantyú


Ēģiptes vakarlēpis


egipčanska podhujka