Golden Nightjar (Caprimulgus eximius)

The Golden Nightjar bird is a rare and elusive bird found in the dense forests of South America. It is a nocturnal bird, only coming out at night to hunt its prey. The bird is known for its beautiful golden feathers that shimmer in the moonlight as it flies through the trees. It is a small bird, measuring only around 25-30 cm in length, and weighing between 50-75 grams.

The Golden Nightjar bird is known for its distinctive call, which sounds like a high-pitched whistle. It is often heard at night, and is one of the few ways to know that the bird is present in the area. The bird's call is also used to attract a mate during breeding season.

The Golden Nightjar bird is an expert hunter, and feeds primarily on insects. It catches insects on the wing, using its wide mouth and long, pointed wings to capture prey in mid-air. The bird's specialized feathers also provide it with excellent camouflage, helping it blend in with its surroundings and avoid detection by predators.

Despite its beauty and unique characteristics, the Golden Nightjar bird is threatened by habitat loss and hunting. The destruction of forested areas for agriculture and urban development has led to a decrease in the bird's population. Additionally, the bird is sometimes hunted for its feathers, which are used in traditional rituals and ceremonies.

Efforts are being made to protect the Golden Nightjar bird and its habitat. Conservation groups are working to educate local communities about the bird's importance and promote sustainable land use practices. These efforts are crucial to ensure the survival of this beautiful and rare species.

Other names

Caprimulgus eximius



Golden Nightjar

enganyapastors daurat



zlatni leganj

lelek zlatý

Gylden Natravn

Goudgele Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent doré


Succiacapre dorato


puošnusis lėlys


lelek złocisty


Великолепный козодой

Zlatni leganj

lelek zlatý

Chotacabras dorado


Sarı Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга золотистий


pompás lappantyú



zlata podhujka