Jungle Nightjar (Caprimulgus indicus)

The Jungle Nightjar bird, also known as the Sri Lanka Jungle Nightjar, is a medium-sized bird that is found in the jungles and forests of Sri Lanka. It belongs to the Caprimulgidae family, which is a group of nocturnal birds that are known for their unique and distinctive calls.

The Jungle Nightjar is about 24 cm in length and has a wingspan of approximately 54 cm. It has cryptic plumage, which means that its feathers are designed to match the surroundings, making it almost invisible to the naked eye. Its upperparts are brown, with various shades of mottled brown and black on the wings. Its underparts are cream-colored, with a distinctive black band running across its chest.

One of the most remarkable features of the Jungle Nightjar is its call. The male birds produce a unique "chew-chewrrr" sound that is very distinctive, and it's used to attract a mate during the breeding season. They are also known to produce a loud "whirring" sound by rapidly flapping their wings, which is believed to be a territorial call.

Like all nocturnal birds, the Jungle Nightjar is adapted to hunt and forage at night. They mainly feed on insects, particularly moths, which they catch during flight. They use their wide mouths and long, bristly tongues to scoop up prey while in mid-flight.

The breeding season of Jungle Nightjars is during the months of February and March, and the birds are known to nest on the ground. The female lays two eggs, which are incubated by both parents for about 19-21 days. After hatching, the chicks are looked after by their parents until they are ready to leave the nest.

Due to their nocturnal behavior and elusive nature, Jungle Nightjars are not commonly seen by people. However, they are an important part of the ecosystem in Sri Lanka, and efforts are being made to protect their habitats and conserve their population.

Other names

Caprimulgus indicus



Jungle Nightjar

enganyapastors de jungla



indijski leganj

lelek indický

Asiatisk Natravn



Engoulevent de jungle


Succiacapre grigio


džiunglinis lėlys


lelek indyjski


Большой козодой

Prašumski leganj

lelek sivý

Chotacabras de jungla


Doğu Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга великий


dzsungel lappantyú

džungļu vakarlēpis