Grey Nightjar (Caprimulgus jotaka)

The Grey Nightjar is a nocturnal bird that belongs to the family of Caprimulgidae and the species Caprimulgus indicus. It is a medium-sized bird that is distributed across the Indian subcontinent and its neighboring countries such as Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan, and Bangladesh.

This bird is mostly grey-brown in color. It has a small, broad head, a large, wide beak, and a long tail that is marked with prominent white spots. The Grey Nightjar has large eyes with a nictitating membrane which protects its eyes from dust and sand, as it flies close to the ground.

As a nocturnal bird, the Grey Nightjar is well-adapted to hunting at dusk and dawn. It has a unique, silent flight that makes it difficult to spot while it is hunting, and also enables them to evade predators. This bird feeds on various insects, such as moths and beetles, as well as small reptiles and mammals.

The Grey Nightjar is known for its distinctive call, which is a repeated “chuck, chuck, chuck” sound that is loud and distinctive. It is usually heard during the breeding season of the bird when it is trying to attract a mate. The Grey Nightjar is a solitary bird that usually nests on the ground in the dry, scrubby regions of its habitat.

Despite its unique characteristics, the Grey Nightjar is facing a threat from habitat destruction due to human activities such as deforestation, agriculture expansion, and urbanization. The IUCN Red List has listed it as a species of “Least Concern” due to its stable population and vast distribution range.

In conclusion, the Grey Nightjar is an intriguing bird that has unique characteristics, distinct behavior, and calls, and is a significant part of the ecological balance in its habitat. Conservation efforts must be made to protect this nocturnal bird and its habitat for the upcoming generations to admire its uniqueness.

Other names

Caprimulgus jotaka



Grey Nightjar

enganyapastors gris



prugastokrili leganj

Grå Junglenatravn

Grijze Nachtzwaluw

Engoulevent jotaka




lelek mandżurski


Японский козодой 

Sivi leganj

lelek jotaka

Chotacabras jotaka

kinesisk nattskärra

Gri Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга маньчжурський

Cabak kelabu