Standard-winged Nightjar (Caprimulgus longipennis)

The Standard-winged Nightjar bird, also known as the Palau Nightjar (scientifically known as Eurostopodus diabolicus) is a unique species of bird that is only found in the Palau Islands in Micronesia.

These birds are known for their distinct physical features, with their long wings and tail, and their starkly contrasting black and white plumage. They are also known for their spectacular courtship displays, where males will flash their white wing patches while swooping and diving through the air.

Despite their striking appearance and their unique behaviors, Standard-winged Nightjars are a relatively little-known species, and much of their behavior and ecology is still being studied by researchers.

One of the most interesting facts about the Standard-winged Nightjar bird is that they are a nocturnal species, meaning they are most active at night. They have large, dark eyes that are adapted to low-light conditions, which helps them to navigate and hunt in the dark.

In terms of their diet, Standard-winged Nightjars primarily feed on insects, which they catch while flying through the air. They are also known to feed on flying ants and termites, which they catch in mid-air using their long, pointed bills.

In terms of their conservation status, the Standard-winged Nightjar bird is currently classified as "Endangered" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). This is due to a combination of factors, including habitat loss, disturbances to their nesting sites, and predation by introduced species such as rats and cats.

Efforts are currently underway to protect and conserve the remaining populations of Standard-winged Nightjars, including habitat restoration projects and the installation of nest boxes to provide them with safe places to breed. As we continue to learn more about this fascinating species, it is clear that these unique and important birds are worth protecting and preserving for generations to come.

Other names

Caprimulgus longipennis



Standard-winged Nightjar

enganyapastors portaestendards



leganj barjaktar

lelek dlouhoperý




Engoulevent à balanciers


Succiacapre vessillario


didžiasparnis lėlys


dziwolotek flagopióry



Leganj barjaktar

lelek veslár

Chotacabras portaestandarte


Bayrak Kanatlı Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга-прапорокрил камерунський


hosszúszárnyú lappantyú