Madagascar Nightjar (Caprimulgus madagascariensis)

The Madagascar Nightjar is a fascinating bird species that is endemic to Madagascar, an island country located off the southeast coast of Africa. It belongs to the family Caprimulgidae, which includes other species such as nighthawks and whip-poor-wills.

The Madagascar Nightjar has a distinctive appearance with a mottled brown and grey plumage that provides excellent camouflage against its habitat. Its large head and eyes are indicative of its nocturnal nature, and its long wings and tail allow for agile flight in the night sky. It is a medium-sized bird, typically measuring around 22-23cm in length.

Like many other nightjar species, the Madagascar Nightjar is crepuscular and nocturnal, hunting for small insects such as moths, mosquitoes, and beetles, and can be found foraging around open areas such as grasslands and savannahs. The bird is also known to be quite vocal at night, producing a distinctive trilling call that can be heard for a considerable distance. The Madagascar Nightjar usually breeds during the months of October and November, laying a clutch of two eggs on the ground.

Unfortunately, the Madagascar Nightjar is considered globally vulnerable, with its population on the decline due to habitat loss and degradation as a result of agriculture, logging, and human encroachment. The species is also threatened by indiscriminate use of pesticides that may negatively impact the insects on which the bird relies for food.

Conservation efforts are underway, including the establishment of protected areas, habitat restoration projects, and education campaigns to raise awareness of the Madagascar Nightjar's plight.

Overall, the Madagascar Nightjar is a fascinating bird species that is an important part of Madagascar's unique biodiversity. Through continued conservation efforts, it is hoped that this bird and its habitat can be protected for future generations to enjoy.

Other names

Caprimulgus madagascariensis



Madagascar Nightjar

enganyapastors de Madagascar



madagaskarski leganj

lelek madagaskarský




Engoulevent malgache


Succiacapre del Madagascar


madagaskarinis lėlys


lelek malgaski


Мадагаскарский козодой

Madagaskarski leganj

lelek madagaskarský

Chotacabras malgache


Madagaskar Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга мадагаскарський

madagaskari öösorr

madagaszkári lappantyú