Nechisar Nightjar (Caprimulgus solala)

The Nechisar Nightjar bird is an elusive and rare species that is native to Ethiopia. Named after the Nechisar National Park where it was first discovered in 2009, this bird has distinctive physical characteristics that make it stand apart from other species.

The Nechisar Nightjar bird has a small and compact body with a wingspan of about 64 cm. It has a blackish-brown plumage with white spots. Additionally, it has unique long feathers on its head that resemble horns, which gives it a devilish appearance.

What makes the Nechisar Nightjar bird unique is its call. During the breeding season, males produce a churring-like sound that is distinct from other nightjar species. Researchers have described this sound as a continuous rolling ‘burring’ or ‘trilling’ like that of a purring cat.

However, despite the notable characteristics, the Nechisar Nightjar bird is a rarely seen bird, and its habits remain a mystery to scientists. Primarily due to its habitat, they're found in rocky areas with scattered trees and bushes, making it challenging to spot them.

Sadly, the bird is highly endangered due to habitat destruction and poaching. Trees and grasslands where they build their nests are cleared for agriculture and livestock farming. The bird's distinctive feather and horned appearance also make it a target for illegal wildlife trade and collection.

Efforts to protect the Nechisar Nightjar bird and conservation of its habitat have been initiated by various organisations. In 2018, researchers found a new population of this species in the hills surrounding Nechisar National Park. The discovery has given renewed hope for the survival of the species.

In conclusion, the Nechisar Nightjar bird is an extraordinary bird that's unique in its characteristics. It is a significant conservation priority species, and efforts to safeguard the species and its habitat should continue.

Other names

Caprimulgus solala



Nechisar Nightjar

enganyapastors de Nechisar



etiopski leganj

lelek nachisarský




Engoulevent du Nechisar


Succiacapre del Nechisar


etiopinis lėlys


lelek etiopski


Нечисарский козодой

Nečisarski leganj

lelek etiópsky

Chotacabras de Nechisar


Neçisar Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга субтропічний

nechisari öösorr

solala lappantyú