Freckled Nightjar (Caprimulgus tristigma)

The Freckled Nightjar is a bird species found in the tropical regions of Africa. This bird is named after the freckles that cover its upper breast and throat. The bird is also known by other names like Northern Freckled Nightjar, Freckled Jungle Nightjar, or Freckled Pauraque.

The Freckled Nightjar is a small, nocturnal bird with a unique appearance. The bird is about 25 cm in length, with a wingspan of about 50 cm. Its feathers are a mixture of brown, black, and gray that provide it with excellent camouflage in leaf litter on the forest floor. The bird's distinctive freckled markings on the upper part of its body also help it blend in with the surrounding environment.

The Freckled Nightjar prefers dense forests and wooded areas, and its range extends from Gambia to the Congo basin and Uganda. The bird is active at night and feeds primarily on insects, such as moths and beetles. They hunt in flight and catch their prey by swooping down from tree branches.

The mating habits of the Freckled Nightjar are still a mystery to researchers. However, it is known that males use a unique call to attract females. This call is a repetitive "kirrrr kirrrr kirrrr." The call is less musical than that of other nightjar species, but it still carries a distinct sound that carries far through the forest canopy.

Despite its relatively large range, the Freckled Nightjar remains a rare and elusive bird species. Human activities, such as deforestation and habitat destruction, pose significant threats to its survival. The IUCN lists the bird as a species of Least Concern, but conservation efforts are still needed to protect the bird and its habitat.

In conclusion, the Freckled Nightjar is a fascinating bird species found in Africa's tropical regions. Its unique appearance and nocturnal habits make it both elusive and intriguing to bird watchers. As threats to its habitat continue to mount, conservation efforts become increasingly essential to ensure its survival.

Other names

Caprimulgus tristigma



Freckled Nightjar

enganyapastors pigallat



sivoglavi leganj

lelek tečkovaný

Rødvinget Natravn



Engoulevent pointillé


Succiacapre lentigginoso


šlakuotasis lėlys


lelek skalny


Пятнистый козодой

Pirgavi leganj

lelek skalný

Chotacabras pecoso


Çil Çobanaldatanı

дрімлюга плямистий



foltos lappantyú