Pennant-winged Nightjar (Caprimulgus vexillarius)

The Pennant-winged Nightjar is a unique species of nightjar found mainly in the savannah and woodland areas of sub-Saharan Africa, south of the Sahara. This bird is known for its striking appearance and interesting behavior, making it a popular subject for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts.

One of the most striking features of the Pennant-winged Nightjar is its long, pointed wing feathers, which resemble pennants or flags. These feathers are used in a unique display behavior, where the bird raises them up and down, creating a distinct fluttering effect. It is believed that this display is used to attract mates or to establish territory.

The Pennant-winged Nightjar is a nocturnal bird, meaning that it is most active at night. During the day, this bird is well camouflaged and often hides in trees or on the ground, relying on its feather pattern to blend in with its surroundings. At night, however, it becomes more active, flying low over open areas and using its specialized eyesight to hunt for insects and other small prey.

The Pennant-winged Nightjar is a solitary bird, often only interacting with others during mating season. It is also known for its unique vocalizations, which include a variety of chirps, rattles, and whistles that are used for communication and territorial defense.

Conservation of the Pennant-winged Nightjar is considered to be of least concern according to the IUCN Red List, due to its relatively stable population and wide range. However, habitat loss and degradation due to human activities, including deforestation and agriculture, pose a potential threat to the species.

Overall, the Pennant-winged Nightjar is a fascinating bird with unique behavior and striking appearance. Its nocturnal habits and solitary nature make it a rare and special sight for those lucky enough to observe it in the wild.

Other names

Caprimulgus vexillarius



Pennant-winged Nightjar

enganyapastors de cintes



dugokrili leganj

lelek vlajkový




Engoulevent porte-étendard


Succiacapre dai pennacchi


vėliavasparnis lėlys


dziwolotek wstęgopióry


Вымпеловый козодой

Leganj zastavičar

lelek vlajkokrídly

Chotacabras cuelgacintas


Kurdela Kanatlı Çobanaldatan

дрімлюга-прапорокрил ангольський



cifraszárnyú lappantyú