Cheer Pheasant (Catreus wallichii)

The Cheer Pheasant is a stunning and beautiful bird found in the Himalayan region. It belongs to the family Phasianidae and is scientifically named as Catreus wallichii. It is also known as Wallich's Pheasant.

This bird has a striking appearance with a distinct white patch on its neck, black and white plumage over its body, and long rusty brown tail feathers. The male Cheer Pheasant has bright red wattles around its eyes and a crimson-colored beak. The female bird is less colorful than the male, with grayish-brown plumage and a shorter tail. They grow up to a length of 70 cm. They usually feed on insects, small mammals, and plant matter.

Cheer Pheasants are found in the western Himalayas and adjoining hills, ranging from Afghanistan to Nepal. They prefer to live in temperate forests and scrublands that offer them ample cover and food. Cheer Pheasant is a highly endangered species and their population is rapidly declining due to habitat loss, hunting, and poaching for their feathers and meat. They have become victims of human activities like deforestation, mining, and construction.

Cheer Pheasants are solitary birds and prefer to stay hidden in the undergrowth. During the breeding season, the males become very vocal and showy. They display their bright colored plumage and make loud calls to attract a female. The breeding season usually starts in April and continues till August.

Conservation organizations and national wildlife authorities have put efforts to conserve the Cheer Pheasant population. Many programs have been initiated to protect their habitat and prevent hunting and poaching. These measures have helped in saving the population of the Cheer Pheasant and its population is slowly recovering.

The Cheer Pheasant is a beautiful bird with its stunning colors and unique features. The conservation of this species is crucial as it plays a vital role in maintaining the ecological balance of the Himalayan region and is an integral part of the ecosystem. Therefore, it is necessary to increase public awareness and take necessary steps to protect and conserve this magnificent bird and ensure its survival for the future.

Other names

Catreus wallichii



Cheer Pheasant

faisà de Wallich



himalajski fazan

bažant himálajský


Wallichs Fazant


Faisan de Wallich


Fagiano di Wallich


himalajinis fazanas


bażant himalajski


Гималайский фазан

Himalajski fazan

bažant škvrnitý

Faisán chir


Şir Sülünü

фазан гімалайський


bóbitás fácán

raibais cekulfazāns