Black Guan (Chamaepetes unicolor)

The Black Guan bird, scientifically known as the Chamaepetes unicolor, is a species of bird that belongs to the Cracidae family. This species is endemic to central and southern parts of Mexico, where it can only be found in highland forests and montane evergreen forests.

The Black Guan bird is characterized by its black feathers, which cover its entire body, and its small, bare head. Its wingspan can reach up to 60 centimeters, and it can weigh up to 1 kilogram. While the males and females of the species look quite similar, the males tend to be slightly larger.

A rather solitary bird, the Black Guan is rarely seen in pairs or groups. They are most often discovered by their distinctive calls, which are typically heard in the early morning and at dusk. The Black Guan is known for its loud and unmistakable calls, which consist of a series of deep, resonant notes.

The diet of the Black Guan includes a wide range of fruits, nuts, seeds, and insects. They spend much of their time foraging on the forest floor, where they search for food, and they are known to use their strong bills to break open nuts and hard-shelled fruits. The Black Guan is also known to feed on small creatures such as snails and spiders.

While not considered a threatened species by the IUCN, the Black Guan is still threatened by habitat loss due to deforestation in its native range. As forest habitats are cleared for human settlements and agriculture, the Black Guan's natural habitat is shrinking rapidly. Climate change is also expected to impact the species' habitat, as warming temperatures could shift the distribution of montane forests.

In conclusion, the Black Guan bird is a fascinating and distinct species that relies on montane forests for survival. While still relatively common, the Black Guan faces a number of threats that could impact its population in the future, making conservation efforts crucial to ensuring its continued survival.

Other names

Chamaepetes unicolor



Black Guan

guan negre



crni guan

guan černý

Sort Penelopehøne

Zwarte Goean


Pénélope unicolore


Guan nero


juodasis guanas


grdacz czarny


Болотный кракс

Crni guan

morkovec čierny

Pava negra


Kara Orak Kanatlı Guan

пенелопа чорна


fekete guán