Northern Screamer (Chauna chavaria)

The Northern Screamer is an imposing bird that belongs to the family Anhimidae, which is one of the few living representatives of the order Anseriformes. It is also known as the Crested Screamer or the Common Screamer, and it is native to South America, inhabiting the lowland savannas, wetlands, and rivers of Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador.

The Northern Screamer is a large, heavy-bodied bird that can weigh up to 5 kg and reach up to 91 cm in height. It has a unique appearance, characterized by a prominent off-white crest or mane that runs down the length of its neck and back, which gives it a distinct and regal look. Its body is mostly brown or gray, with a white belly, and its wings are black with a bluish-green iridescence.

This bird is known for its loud, distinctive, and piercing calls, which can be heard from up to two miles away. Its vocalizations are mostly used for communication between pairs, warning of danger, or asserting territory. Despite its name, the Northern Screamer is not known for its screaming ability but rather its high-pitched trumpet-like calls.

The Northern Screamer is a herbivorous bird that feeds on leaves, stems, and fruits of various plants and grasses. It is often seen in pairs or small groups, timid and skittish in nature. During breeding season, the male and female bond and build a nest in a tree or on the ground where they lay 2-4 eggs. The parents take turns incubating the eggs and feeding the chicks until they fledge.

The Northern Screamer faces threats such as loss of habitat, hunting for food and sport, and capture for the pet trade. However, this bird is not currently listed as an endangered species. It is highly adaptable, and populations thrive in protected areas, zoos, and private collections.

In conclusion, the Northern Screamer is a fascinating bird with a unique appearance, distinctive calls, and crucial ecological role in the South American savannas. Its loud voice and imposing stature make it a beloved icon, and its regal looks make it one of the most beautiful and intriguing birds on the planet.

Other names

Chauna chavaria



Northern Screamer

txajà collnegre



crnovrati pastiraš

čája bělolící

Toppet Chaja



Kamichi chavaria


Kaimichi settentrionale


juodakaklė pelamedėja


skrzydłoszpon czarnoszyi


Черношейная паламедея

Severna kreštalica

čaja chochlatá

Chajá chicagüire

svarthalsad värnfågel

Ak Yüzlü Figankazı

чайя колумбійська

tutt-ogatiib (tutt-tšahha)

fehérarcú csája