Andean Goose (Chloephaga melanoptera)

The Andean Goose bird, also known as the Magellan Goose, is a large waterfowl commonly found in the open grasslands, wetlands, and high-altitude lakeshores of Argentina, Chile, Peru, and Bolivia. This bird species is notable for its distinctive black-and-white plumage, long necks, and broad wings that allow them to fly long distances.

The Andean Goose bird measures about 60 to 75 cm in length and has a wingspan of about 1.3 m. The male and female have similar plumages, but the male is slightly larger in size. The bird's head and neck are white, with the upperparts and wings colored dark grey to black. The bird's lower parts, including the belly and underwings, are white. The bird has long and sturdy legs and a broad bill that is adapted specially for grazing in the mud and shallow water.

The Andean Goose bird's diet primarily consists of aquatic vegetation, grass, herbs, and occasionally small invertebrates. The bird is generally monogamous and highly territorial when breeding. The breeding season usually takes place during the wet season between November and February, where the bird makes their nests in grassy areas close to water. The female lays an average of four to six white eggs and incubates them for about a month.

The Andean Goose bird faces many threats, including habitat destruction, hunting, and predation by introduced species such as foxes and dogs. Despite these threats, the bird's population is relatively stable, and the species is listed as of "Least Concern" by the International Union for Conservation of Nature.

In conclusion, the Andean Goose bird is a unique and awe-inspiring bird species that has adapted well to its habitat. While facing increasing threats due to human activities, the bird's population has remained stable. Conservation efforts should be made to protect their habitats, reduce hunting, and mitigate the impact of introduced predators to ensure their long-term survival.

Other names

Chloephaga melanoptera



Andean Goose

oca dels Andes



andska guska

husice andská




Ouette des Andes


Oca delle Ande


andinė žąsis


grzywoszyjka andyjska


Андский гусь

Andska guska

bernaška čiernokrídla

Cauquén guayata

andinsk gås

And Kazı

каргарка андійська


andoki lúd