Upland Goose (Chloephaga picta)

The Upland Goose bird, commonly known as Upland or Magellan Goose, is a species of waterfowl that belongs to the Anatidae family. The bird is commonly found in the southernmost parts of the Americas such as Chile, Argentina, and the Falkland Islands. Upland Goose is a migratory bird, but some populations may stay in one area all year round. The bird is widely distributed throughout the its range and is not considered to be endangered.

The Upland Goose is a medium-sized bird that has a plump build and short neck. Adult males are slightly larger than females, measuring up to 60 cm long, while females measure up to 57 cm long on average. Upland geese have a relatively distinctive plumage; the male is usually dark in color with white dots and a white chest, while the female has a brownish-grey feather covering and a rusty-colored chest.

The Upland Goose tends to feed on various vegetation, including grasses, clover, and sedges; during the breeding season, they may also feed on small insects. Their feeding behavior may change depending on the time of year, their specific location, and the availability of food sources. They are also found near swamps, ponds, and other types of freshwater bodies as they require water for drinking and foraging.

Upland Geese are monogamous birds that breed annually. They build their nests on the ground, making use of vegetation and feathers to create a comfortable space for their eggs. The female lays between two and six eggs, which takes around four weeks to hatch. Once the chicks hatch, they remain with their parents for several months before they are able to take care of themselves.

In conclusion, the Upland Goose is a fascinating bird that is an important part of the ecosystem in the southernmost parts of the Americas. It plays a vital role in pollination and seed distribution, helping to maintain the environment's balance. Despite being a migratory species, the Upland Goose is not considered to be endangered; it's population seems to be moderately stable in its natural habitat.

Other names

Chloephaga picta



Upland Goose

oca de Magallanes



prugasta guska

husice magellanská




Ouette de Magellan


Oca di Magellano


magelaninė žąsis


magelanka zmienna


Магелланов гусь

Magelanova guska

bernaška pásikavá

Cauquén común


Macellan Kazı

каргарка магеланська