Ashy-headed Goose (Chloephaga poliocephala)

The Ashy-headed Goose bird, scientifically known as Chloephaga poliocephala, is a medium-sized bird species belonging to the Anatidae family. They are primarily found in the southern hemisphere, particularly in southern Chile and Argentina, and are known for their distinct ashy-grey head coloration, which sets them apart from other goose species.

These birds are typically between 50 to 60 cm in length and have a wingspan of around 90 to 100 cm. They are sexually dimorphic, which means that males and females have differing physical characteristics. Male Ashy-headed Geese are usually larger than females and have a more pronounced neck and head.

These birds can adapt to a range of habitats, making them highly adaptable. They are known to inhabit open fields, wetlands, riverbanks, and even high-altitude meadows. They prefer grassy plains close to water sources such as rivers, lakes, and streams.

Ashy-headed Geese are herbivores and mainly feed on grass, sedges, and occasionally consume seeds and leaves. During the breeding season, they build nests in the grasslands and lay up to five eggs, which hatch after 25 to 28 days. Both parents share the responsibility of incubating eggs and taking care of the offspring.

Although Ashy-headed Geese are not considered to be globally threatened, their numbers are decreasing, primarily due to habitat loss from agricultural and urban development. Additionally, these birds are often hunted for their meat, which is considered a delicacy in some areas.

The Ashy-headed Goose bird has adapted well to the changing environment, but it is essential to take measures to protect their habitats and control hunting to sustain their population. Conservation measures such as the creation of protected areas and public awareness campaigns can go a long way in promoting the welfare of these birds and other bird species globally.

Other names

Chloephaga poliocephala



Ashy-headed Goose

oca capgrisa



sivoglava guska

husice rudoprsá

Gråhovedet Gås



Ouette à tête grise


Oca testagrigia


pilkagalvė žąsis


magelanka siwogłowa


Сероголовый гусь

Sivoglava guska

bernaška sivohlavá

Cauquén cabecigrís

gråhuvad gås

Gri Başlı Kaz

каргарка сіроголова


szürkefejű lúd