Least Nighthawk (Chordeiles pusillus)

The Least Nighthawk, also known as the Common Poorwill, is a small, timid, and elusive bird that can be found in the American Southwest, Central America, and parts of South America. This bird is famous for its unique sleeping habits as it can enter into a state of torpor, which is a temporary hibernation-like state, to conserve energy during the day.

The Least Nighthawk is not a true hawk as its name would suggest, as it is actually a member of the Nightjar family. It is the smallest bird in this family, measuring only 16 to 19 cm in length and weighing around 30 grams. The bird's wingspan is also relatively small, reaching only 38 cm.

The bird has a unique coloration, with a mottled gray and brown back, light and dark brown wings, and a white throat and belly. Its large and dark eyes help it to navigate in the dark. Male and female birds look similar, but male birds have a more pronounced white patch on their throat.

The Least Nighthawk is primarily nocturnal, and can be found in open grasslands, deserts, and even urban areas. It feeds on insects, such as moths and beetles, which it catches during its nighttime flights. Its unique sleeping habit allows it to stay hidden from predators during the long, hot days in their habitat.

Breeding for the Least Nighthawk typically occurs in spring and summer. Male birds display during the mating season by making a booming call while in flight. Once a female is attracted, they will mate and the female will lay 1-2 eggs on the bare ground. The male bird will then take on the responsibility of incubating the eggs.

Despite its unique behavior and habitat, the Least Nighthawk is not considered a threatened species, although habitat loss due to agricultural development and urbanization can have an impact on their populations.

In conclusion, the Least Nighthawk is a fascinating bird with unique sleeping habits and impressive flying skills. Although small, it plays an important role in its ecosystem, and its population should be protected along with its habitat.

Other names

Chordeiles pusillus



Least Nighthawk

enganyapastors menut



patuljasti leganj

lelek nejmenší


Kleinste Nachtzwaluw


Engoulevent nain


Succiacapre minuto


nykštukinis sutemų lėlys


lelczyk malutki


Карликовый сумеречный козодой

Patuljasti američki leganj

súmračník malý

Añapero menudo


Küçük Gecedoğanı

анаперо карликовий