Golden Pheasant (Chrysolophus pictus)

The Golden Pheasant is a stunning bird that is native to the forests of China. It is considered a symbol of prosperity, wealth, and beauty in Chinese culture. The male Golden Pheasant is known for its brightly colored plumage while the female has more muted shades of brown and ochre.

The male’s vibrant plumage is a striking mix of red, gold, orange, and green. The feathers on its head are especially spectacular with a metallic green color that is reminiscent of a precious gemstone. The tail feathers are ornate and can grow up to two feet long, adding to the bird’s impressive appearance. The female Golden Pheasant, on the other hand, is much less showy and has a more practical coloration for blending into its natural environment.

Golden Pheasants are omnivorous and feed on a variety of vegetation, insects, and small animals. They are territorial birds and will defend their space against any intruders. They are solitary creatures but can form small flocks during the winter months when food is scarce.

The Golden Pheasant is a popular game bird that is often hunted for sport and for meat. However, the species is not considered threatened or endangered and can be found in the wild throughout much of their range.

In addition to its cultural significance and popularity as a game bird, the Golden Pheasant also plays a role in conservation efforts. Some wildlife reserves and zoos around the world keep and breed these birds to ensure their survival.

Overall, the Golden Pheasant is a fascinating bird with a rich history and cultural significance. Whether seen in the wild or in captivity, it is a true testament to the natural beauty and diversity of our world’s wildlife.

Other names

Chrysolophus pictus



Golden Pheasant

faisà daurat



zlatni fazan

bažant zlatý




Faisan doré


Fagiano dorato


auksinis fazanas


bażant złocisty


Золотой фазан

Zlatni fazan

bažant zlatý

Faisán dorado


Altın Sülün

фазан золотий




zelta fazāns


zlati fazan