Japanese Quail (Coturnix japonica)

The Japanese Quail, also known as the Coturnix japonica, is a small bird species that is native to eastern Asia, including Japan, China, Korea, and the Himalayas. These birds are generally domesticated and are used commonly for meat and egg production.

The Japanese Quail is a relatively small bird, measuring about 10-15 cm in length and weighing around 100-150 grams. They are generally brownish-grey in color, with a white belly and reddish-brown feathers on their heads. They are also known for their distinctive striping patterns on their feathers.

The Japanese Quail is primarily raised for its eggs and meat. They are able to lay around 300 eggs per year, which is much higher than most other types of poultry. Additionally, their meat is also highly valued because it is lean and flavorful.

These birds are also kept as pets since they are relatively easy to care for and have a friendly disposition. They don't require a lot of space to move around, making them ideal for those who have limited outdoor space.

However, despite being bred for domestication, the Japanese Quail is still an active bird that requires some space to move around. They enjoy foraging for insects, seeds, and other small animals. Therefore, it is essential to provide them with adequate space and a varied diet to ensure their wellbeing.

In conclusion, the Japanese Quail is a remarkable bird species that has been vital for human use for centuries. They are an excellent source of eggs and meat, easy to care for, and make great pets. However, it is essential to provide them with an appropriate living environment and a balanced diet to thrive.

Other names

Coturnix japonica



Japanese Quail

guatlla del Japó



japanska prepelica

křepelka japonská

Japansk Vagtel

Japanse Kwartel


Caille du Japon


Quaglia del Giappone


japoninė putpelė


przepiórka japońska


Немой перепел

Japanska prepelica

prepelica japonská

Codorniz japonesa

japansk vaktel

Japon Bıldırcını

перепілка японська


japán fürj

Japānas paipala